International Crewing Talent

Our newest platform functions as a niche talent agency specializing in head-of-department crew.

We source the best crewing talent for Indian productions from Europe and the UK, Australasia, and North America.


From an Indian perspective:
This means that the best of the world is now easily accessible locally.

From an international perspective:
This means opportunities for career advancement, ongoing work in a thriving and dynamic industry, and the chance to work overseas.

 Co-Production Talent Matching 

Filming in a foreign country can be logistically intimidating. Having a location partner, or locally-based  advisors and team members on board can really help to ensure the smooth running of an overseas shoot.

Our talent pool database covers many territories worldwide, so Metro Brava is equipped to facilitate talent matching between production companies, crew, and locations experts in two ways:

  • for Indian productions wanting to film overseas, and
  • for international productions wanting to film in India.


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