Feature Film & Media Production

Medium Budget Feature Production

Metro Brava’s mandate is to find the most appealing and deliverable films for a particular audience and language base. Equipped with a medium-scale budget, we invest in the best storylines, high production values, marketing and distribution strategies to produce the most commercially sound projects.

High-Concept & Audience Specific 

Beyond everything else – Metro Brava believes in audiences.  All our projects, small or large, revolve around delivering content designed for specific and pre-existing audiences.  This means creating marketable content and engaging with the target audience base from day one.

Metro Brava also conducts ongoing and in-depth research on fan behaviour and interaction – it’s company practice.

Contract Filmmaking 

With its cross-platform expertise, Metro Brava has and will continue to work with producers and investors on film projects by contract.  With the script and finance provided, we deliver the end product – ensuring an international quality team, production and final output.

Unique Content Creation 

Although primarily focused on feature films, Metro Brava does on occasion work on unique media products for other mediums. Working with a company or business, we create brief-appropriate content including TVCs, documentaries, web series and promotional media tools. Content creation is our passion, so if the project is of interest to us, we will take it on with our signature creativity and rabid enthusiasm regardless of size or form!


Pushing Boundaries: Metro Films 

The media industry is in constant flux and highly competitive. Technology and business models are emerging at a rapid and revolutionary pace. Keeping up with the changes, and (most importantly) making use of the advantages that come with those changes, can be an ardous task.

Keeping this in mind, Metro Brava created the ‘Metro Films’ banner to gain the knowlege, exposure and practical hands-on experience from a grassroots level up.

Metro Films stands for innovation. Using a financially low-risk media project and building business models with micro financing, implementing alternative distribution strategies and creative marketing methods, Metro Films are made for a specific Indian metro and ensure that Metro Brava is not only keeping up with the game, but pioneering for the future.