Guest Speaking

Multi-Expertise Guest Speaking 

In order to run successfully on eight platforms, the Metro Brava team operates with multiple areas of expertise and experience.

Working in such a dynamic sector has equipped the team with unique cross-platform knowledge, insights and real world know-how. We understand the importance of imparting this knowledge to others (especially after adding education to our portfolio!).

From conferences to keynote speeches, corporate functions or lectures at universities and colleges around the world, Metro Brava has spoken on topics as varied as our platforms! Naturally, as we continue to expand and learn, we continue to add to our growing list of guest-speaking topics.


Film & Media School Lectures 

Looking mainly at what life is like in the real world beyond film school, we focus on the business side of the industry.

Starting as a production company and gradually expanding into distribution, exhibition and beyond, we openly share our successes, failures, and how thinking outside of the box and being different was our key to making it.

Business School Workshops 

Having a vested interest in the business minds of the future, we have designed a workshop series for business schools.

Ranging from an hour to two weeks, we work directly with each b-school to put together the most beneficial package for their students. Previous workshops have included game simulations, panel discussions, live case studies, pitching exercises, competitive group challenges and even one-on-one coaching sessions.