12 Single Screens

Operating mainly under our ‘Bioscope’ banner, Metro Brava has single screen cinemas across regional Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.  The last few years has seen this expand also into strategic locations within the metro of Bangalore. 

A 4-Screen Multiplex 

Metro Brava, along with a three-way partnership operates Bangalore’s longest running multiplex – Innovative Multiplex.  Based in Marathalli, average tickets sold fall between 75,000-100,000 a month.

Cinema Management 

With an established history and passion for cinemas, cinema management is one of Metro Brava’s more niche skillsets.  We are hired by cinemas (both new and old) to help with training, staffing, branding, programming, and setup.   

Boutique Cinema Concepts 

Our latest undertaking is to bring international-quality boutique cinemas to the Indian market. We have started this with ‘Manoranjan Hall’ – a single screen in inner Bangalore with all the amenities of a multiplex, surrounded by gardens, cafe options and a love of movies. 

 MB Core: Rapid Future Expansion 

Although we are concentrating on eight platforms and are passionate about all areas of the business, exhibition remains the true core of Metro Brava.

We are actively pursuing expansion in this arena – with a particular eye to boutique and concept cinemas.  With the cinema market becoming more crowded and expensive, it is unique, niche and quality concepts that will be the differentiator in the future.

Our directive will be to provide the ultimate cinema-going experience: with excellent customer service, multi-functional space, up-to-date technology standards – all delivered in a memorable and affordable package.