Over 2000+ Students

Through our rapidly expanding ventures in the education field, we have had the priviledge of educating and training more than 2000 students ranging from children to college students to top level managers in the corporate sector. We expect this number to double in the next twelve months.


Short Creative Courses 

With our background in the media and entertainment business, Metro Brava strategically tied up with Jain Group of Institutions to launch the pioneering ‘Odyssey of Creative Industry’.

JGI Odyssey offers short certificate courses in employable creative areas for pre-university, undergraduate and post-graduate students. The curriculum has been developed by international experts from Metro Brava’s talent wing and focuses on the practical application of skills and development of new talent.

The Odyssey model has been adapted further for working professionals, with an eye to continuing expansion into creative programming for corporates.

Practical Learning: Study Tours 

Based on market demands, Metro Brava now conducts study tours for university students from schools of business or media/communications.

This works for international universities wanting their students to have the opportunity to visit and learn from an educational trip to India; and likewise, for Indian students who wish to visit abroad.

Metro Brava customizes each study tour to deliver on the individual needs of each university program. Our packages offer unique experiences like company tours, practical internships, panel discussions and industry workshops.

Media Management Training

The media and entertainment sector is a billion-dollar industry, and yet there is a gap in the market for media specific management training.

Using our cross-platform experience, Metro Brava has developed intensive management courses focused on the skills needed to manage a media production, distribution or exhibition company.

 Cinema Training 

Having slowly but steadily carved its own place in the crossroads of media & entertainment, business, creativity and education has meant that Metro Brava interacts with businesses and professionals in a variety of disciplines from many countries across the world.

We love people! So it should come as no surprise that we happily put time and energy into managing our existing networks and creating new ones.

Our experience has taught us that we naturally fit into the role of conduit between possible partners. If we see a good fit, we investigate potential tie-ups, assist with strategic alliances and facillitate introductions.