Platform Distribution

Each film’s distribution strategy will be different.  Should a film fit a platform distribution model, then we can help facilitate a metro-to-metro release.

English Language Content 

English language content has a growing audience-base in India.

We look for content with star power, popular genres and good production values, and then operate on a percentage share basis.

 Release Marketing 

We believe that while content is king, the marketing of a film leading up to its release is crucial to its success.

Today’s filmmakers cannot afford for their films to be lost in a crowded marketplace. It’s for this reason that we offer release marketing services such as creating and/or executing a marketing campaign and associated activities.

Metro Brava can get involved from the very start with social media promotions or organize red carpet premieres, word-of-mouth screenings, audio launches, and press.

 Regional Language Content 

Following our screening process, if we see the marketability of a film we can take on the project in two ways:

  • we personally distribute the film, or
  • in a consultation capacity we help to design and implement a distribution and marketing strategy

Languages we are primarily comfortable working with include Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.

 Unboxed Thinking: New Distribution 

Cinematic release is only one type of distribution. Many projects never even get the chance to be shown on the big screen – but this shouldn’t mean that they miss out on being seen at all.

Fitting the film to an audience means nothing more than identifying the correct platform to use to distribute to the target market.

Some of our most successful new distribution models include school and university screenings, houseparties, travelling tents, the mobile movie bus, and microdistribution.

Today, with new technologies being readily available and much more affordable, distribution plans also include online and mobile release options.