Branding & Marketing

Direct and indirect feedback has taught us that one of Metro Brava’s strengths lies in branding and marketing expertise. We can help with corporate re-branding, marketing research, planning, strategy and implementation for films, projects and businesses in general.

Line Producing 

International film production wanting to film in India? Or Indian film production wanting to film abroad?  Metro Brava is experienced in line producing for both of these scenarios – facilitating logistics and operations such as locations, crew, equipment and production management services both locally and internationally.

Management Consultation 

If a company is in need of a modern thinking, non-prejudiced management consultation, we can help.  Having an outsiders perspective well-versed in project management, and possessing the creative problem solving skills that come with working in a competetive   environment  means we specialize in offering practical and unique solutions for small to medium business.  

Marketing Communications

While positive external perception is imperative for a successful business,  so is the smooth and consistent running of operations internally. In the past, (specifically with firms in the media and education fields) we have implemented new policies and practices to ensure fluid  marketing communications from inside to out.  

 Conduit Consulting: Tie-Ups 

Having slowly but steadily carved its own place in the crossroads of media & entertainment, business, creativity and education has meant that Metro Brava interacts with businesses and professionals in a variety of disciplines from many countries across the world.

We love people! So it should come as no surprise that we happily put time and energy into managing our existing networks and creating new ones.

Our experience has taught us that we naturally fit into the role of conduit between possible partners.  If we see a good fit, we investigate potential tie-ups, assist with strategic alliances and facillitate introductions.